LMP2 Podium 24h Le Mans 2009

時期外れではありますが今年の 24h Le Mans の Race report です。

24h Le Mans, 24 Hours of Le Mans , Race report

Win and energy efficiency award for Porsche RS Spyder



The success story of the Porsche RS Spyder continues: At the Le Mans 24 Hour race, the Essex team (Denmark) celebrated a clear victory in the LMP2 class. The 440 hp sports prototype from Weissach also won the energy efficiency classification “Michelin Green X Challenge” as the car with the best overall efficiency, calculated by the ratio between lap times and fuel consumption. The RS Spyder of the Danish customer team beat its rivals in the LMP2 class by 15 laps. One hour before the end of the race, the RS Spyder of NAVI Team GOH spun off the track while running an easy second under braking for the first chicane on the Hunaudières straight on an oil spill of a competitor, hit the barriers and retired. The Japanese driver Seiji Ara was uninjured.



“We’re proud that in customer hands the RS Spyder not only confirmed its high speed and reliability again but also won the environmental classification. It’s such a great pity that the second RS Spyder retired. NAVI Team GOH put in an immaculate performance and really would have deserved to secure second,” said Porsche Head of Motorsport, Hartmut Kristen. In 2008, the RS Spyder won the energy efficiency challenge at all races and championships – in the Le Mans 24 Hours, the American Le Mans Series and the European Le Mans Series. With this, the RS Spyder impressively underlined its status as the world’s most efficient sports prototype.



Collard: "The key to success was the RS Spyder"

“After claiming second last year we are absolutely over the moon with our victory today,” said Essex driver Casper Elgaard (Denmark). “This is a huge success for our Danish team, which only began competing in long distance racing last year.” Porsche works driver Emmanuel Collard (France) added: “The key to success was the RS Spyder. We didn’t have the slightest technical problem and turned fast and steady laps.” Only once in the night was there an unscheduled stop. Before the first Hunaudières chicane, the two close-running RS Spyder hit a patch of oil and began to slide. Keisuki Kunimoto (NAVI Team GOH) nudged the Essex car, resulting in both vehicles having body parts replaced. “Our crew did a super job,” said the third Essex driver, Kristian Poulsen (Denmark), who celebrated his Le Mans debut with victory. “I would like to thank the team and mostly Casper and Emmanuel. They did most of the work.”



After a break of four years, NAVI Team GOH, Le Mans winner of 2004 with Seiji Ara, looked like they would bring home a safe second place right up until an hour before the flag – with a ten lap advantage over third position. Oil from a competitor became Ara’s eventual fate. “I had no chance. Two wheels hit the oil that I couldn’t see while braking,” said Seiji Ara. “It’s a bitter end of a great race. I’m pleased that the RS Spyder is not only fast, but also safe.” His compatriot Keisuke Kunimoto contested the long distance classic for the first time. Porsche works driver Sascha Maassen was full of praise: “I salute our team’s performance. Perfect preparation, perfect team work in every respect. I’m so sorry that we couldn’t bring home the success they deserved.” For the perfect work in the pit stops, the team received a special prize from the organisers.


Bernhard and Dumas shone with their excellent lap times

Porsche works drivers Timo Bernhard (Germany) and Romain Dumas (France), lent to Audi for the Le Mans 24 hour race, lost all chances to win with a technical defect in their #3 Audi R15 TDI which resulted in repairs over several hours on Saturday night. With their chase through the field from the back to finish 18th, the two shone with their excellent lap times. “It hurts to be out of contention for overall victory so early on,” summarised Bernhard. “Still, it was great fun. The Audi crew made us feel very welcome from the first moment on,” added Dumas.

Bad luck in GT2 class



In the production-based GT2 class, the double pole for the 911 GT3 RSR from qualifying could not be turned into a race success. After just two hours, the race came to an end for the three Porsche works drivers Marc Lieb (Germany), Richard Lietz (Austria) and Wolf Henzler (Germany). A problem with the fuel system caused the engine of the 911 to die and not start again – 100 metres from the entrance to the pit lane. As the regulations do not allow a car to be towed in such a case, the leading trio of the German Felbermayr-Proton team had no chance to repair the otherwise technically perfect 911 and retired. “Of course I’m very disappointed,” said Marc Lieb. “But we are looking ahead and already looking forward to the next race in the Le Mans Series, where we want to extend our championship lead with another victory.”



For the American Flying Lizard team, the 2009 Le Mans race ended in the early morning hours when Darren Law (USA) collided heavily with the barriers. Prior to this, pole-setter Jörg Bergmeister (Germany) and team owner/gentleman driver Seth Neiman (USA) were steadily moving in the direction of a podium result with their GT3 RSR. The French IMSA Performance Matmut team with Porsche works drivers Patrick Pilet (France) and Patrick Long (USA) as well as Raymond Narac (France) maintained third place for more than two-thirds of the race distance. On Sunday morning a problem with the power transmission put an end to their promising charge.

Race result LMP2

1. Elgaard/Collard/Poulsen (DK/F/DK), Porsche RS Spyder, 357 laps
2. Kane/Leuenberger/Pompidou (GB/CH/F), Lola Judd, 353
3. Nicolet/Hein/Yvon (F/MC/F), Pescarolo Mazda, 325
4. Barazi/Bennett/Moseley (DK/GB/GB), Zytek 07S, 306

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ポルシェ カレラカップ ジャパン 2009 - 第10戦 決勝

Porsche Carrera Cup Japan, PCCJ 2009 Rd.10 Final, Race report


天候:晴 気温:24℃ 路面温度:34℃

頭上には雲ひとつない青空が広がり、絶好のレース日和となった10月4日午前11時30分、いよいよポルシェ カレラカップ ジャパン(以下PCCJ)2009シリーズの最終戦のスタート時刻となった。今シーズンのファイナルレースに、それを祝福するかのような快晴に恵まれことは、長いシーズンを戦い抜いたカレラカップパイロットへの大きなご褒美なのかもしれない。












また今シーズンから始まったチームタイトルは、#16マイケル(B)と#54天本 (B)を擁するDIRECTION RACING EVOがトータル297ポイントを獲得しチャンピオン。2位に入ったのは16ポイント差で#55水谷(B)と#6中山良明がコンビを組むDIRECTION RACINGだ。

こうして、クラスAは#8清水が悲願の初タイトルを獲得し、クラスBは一度もランキングトップの座を譲ることなく#16マイケル がチャンピオンを決めたことで、4月下旬の開幕戦からおよそ6ヶ月に渡って行われたPCCJ2009シリーズも無事終了することとなった。それを戦ったすべてのカレラカップパイロットに大きな拍手を送るとともに、来る2010年シーズンは新型GT3カップカーの投入などもあり、再び素晴らしいPCCJシリーズ開催となることだろう。


第10戦 決勝結果
Pos. Car# Driver Class Car Name Gap
1 8 清水 康弘 A ART TASTE CUP 21'55.164
2 27 都筑 善雄 A ZENT 997 CUP 9.077
3 92 中村 嘉宏 A PROMODET 997CUP 9.412
4 88 塙 翔 A GARMIN PORSCHE 9.925
5 16 Michael Kim B Metavision DRP 28.522
6 5 高見沢 一吉 B 高見沢整骨院OSSOポルシェ 41.640
7 21 一ツ山 康 B Hitotsuyama GT3 41.898
8 38 浜野 彰彦 B テクニカルメイトGT3 Cup 44.222
9 13 吉田 基良 A PROVA-ENG997CUP 45.533
10 7 海宝 善昭 B アーテック タカラ樹脂 GT3 57.673
11 55 水谷 晃 B DIRECTION997DRP 59.416
12 54 天本 昌呉 B BABIE'S 997 DRP 1'01.289
13 2 桜井 澄夫 B アーテック GT-3 1'01.724
14 72 江本 玄 B AKIRA RACING 1'02.266
15 9 小林 賢二 A こばやし歯科・坂東ポルシェ 1'10.140
16 6 中山 良明 A DRP 997 CUP 1'12.496
17 3 世戸 竜児 A アリコ・インタークルーGT3 1'12.765
18 10 石原 将光 B ダイヤマンゴーポルシェ 1LAP

第7戦 ポルシェカレラカップ 富士スピードウェイ

今シーズンは参戦出来ませんでした。 来シーズンは是非、参戦出来る様に準備したいと思っております。

ニュー ポルシェ911 ターボ が フランクフルトモーターショーでデビュー


フランクフルトモーターショーのプレスデーにおいてワールドプレミアムとなるポルシェの新たなフラッグシップ、ポルシェ911ターボ カブリオレ、911ターボの受注を日本全国のポルシェ正規販売店において、8日22日(土)より開始いたします。














ニュー911ターボ 車両本体価格
車種          トランスミッション ハンドル 車両本体価格(消費税込価格)
911ターボカブリオレ  7速 PDK     左/右      ¥22,300,000
911ターボ         7速 PDK     左/右     ¥20,510,000
911ターボ         6速マニュアル     左       ¥19,760,000

私のGT2はNAのRSより非力になってしまいました。 カップカーが欲しい

Porsche Cup Japan